These are the most-asked questions to myliugeles.lt Sales & Service specialists

How much the delivery costs?

When you are ordering flowers via our online shop, you will see the overall price for the order including the delivery costs that are 5.8 eur (20 Lt). For the delivery to regions, the seller reserves the right to apply a higher delivery fee.

Is delivery available everywhere in Lithuania?

Flower delivery to home is available in all Lithuanian cities and their regions. Just sometimes, when the address is not fully clear or is far away from one of our flower studios, we cannot guarantee the exact delivery timing. Myliugeles.lt delivers 98% of all orders. If we receive false or unclear details about the order and we cannot contact the customer in 24 hours, we return the money back to the customer.

How to know if the recipient was pleased with the present?

Usually, all the recipients are more than happy to receive flowers. However, if you really want to see how the receiver reacted, you can order our service of ‘photo with the recipient’ and you will have a chance to see the reaction yourself.

Will the flowers be fresh?

We always carefully select the freshest flowers and properly prepare them, so that they last as long as possible after the delivery to gladden the recipient.

What is the best way to choose flowers for somebody?

Before buying flowers, it is advisable to call and have a consultation with a florist about the delivery and the kind of flowers that would fit the best with the occasion. If you don’t know what flowers the recipient likes, try to draw the receiver’s psychological portrait to the florist and the specialist will help you to choose the fittest flowers.

I fell out with a loved one. What kind of flowers would be the best suited for reconciliation or apology?

There are no inadequate flowers. But, of course, it is the best to present the most favorite flowers of the loved one.

Does the color of flowers have a coded meaning?

The colors have different meanings depending on one’s culture. Before sending flowers, you should consider in which country and for what occasion you are sending a bouquet. .

In addition to flowers, I would like to send a present too, but I cannot find them in the catalog. What should I do?

If you cannot find flowers or presents that you like in our online shop, you can always contact us and we will be glad to help you and find the best solutions by offering flowers and presents that are not included in our catalogs but may be available to order, depending on a town or region.

Could I order flowers in Vilnius via phone?

Yes. If you don’t have a chance to order flowers online, call us or write us an email and we will help you send flowers in the most convenient way for you.

I have a special request for a bouquet. Could you fulfill exclusive wishes?

Yes. Our staff’s strongest side - artistic floristic. Thus, we get various orders that sometimes are very unusual. For example, a bouquet for a racer, for a basketball player, decoration for a hall of 1000 roses, flowers delivery in the balcony (in the crane lifted to the 4th floor), a bouquet of lilies of the valley in January, delivering flowers while dressed in various characters and etc.

I am ordering flowers online for the first time. How not to get tricked?

The first step in ordering flowers online is to find out if the seller is an official flower salon or just brokers working on a commission basis. In the latter case, you will not get proper advice from florists, you will pay more for flowers and there will be no guarantee that your order is carried out by professionals. How to check if it is a real flower salon? You should ask where you could come to order the flowers with delivery and if you will not receive the answer or the answer will be that you can order flowers only via internet, we advise you to look for another company that delivers flowers to home.